Moving Tips

Want to make your move as easy as possible? Take a deep breath and follow the moving tips listed below.

• Come up with a plan — Knowing what needs to happen is this first step. For example, what needs to be moved? What can be sold before the move? When do you need to be out of your house? Will you need short-term storage? Will you use professional movers?

• Minimize what you move — Moving is a great time to purge your household of junk or items you no longer need. Holding a moving sale is a great way to help pay for local or long distance moving as well as reduce the amount of goods you have to transport.

• Stock up on quality moving boxes and supplies — You will need lots of sturdy moving boxes of various sizes, including wardrobe boxes, as well as plenty of strong packaging tape to seal them. You will also need cushioning, butcher paper, and old blankets to protect fragile items. While you’re at it, buy large black markers and labels so that you can clearly label each box.

• Create a simple inventory system — Number each box and create a detailed inventory sheet of each item that goes into each box. For example, “Box 1: Kitchen” might contain: everyday dishes, purple placemats, and a spiral vegetable slicer while “Box 2: Kitchen” might contain: baby plates, sippy cups, and your food processor.

• Color code your boxes by room — Though it’s easy to distinguish kitchen boxes (if they’re labeled “Kitchen”) from bathroom boxes (if they’re labeled “Bathroom”), it’s even easier when all boxes are color-coded with colored labels or colored packing tape. Provide your movers with instructions (such as all yellow-labeled boxes go in the kitchen).

• Contact Suburban Relocation System sooner rather than later — We’re here to help. The earlier we get involved, the more help we can be. Contact us today to get a free quote.


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